University Profile

Dr. Mridul Srivastava
Asst. Registrar
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National law University, Lucknow




Academic Qualifications

B.Sc, M.A. (Criminology), Diploma in Human Resource Development, P.G. Diploma in Environment Protection Law, Ph.D. (Criminology from Lucknow University), D.Lit (Public Administration from Lucknow University)


He has been awarded with so many scholarships like Janpad, Awasiya and Akikrit at school level and Junior and Senior Research Fellowship from University Grants Commission for Ph.D. In his career he possess throughout first division right from the beginning till end.


His Ph.D. work on "Social Work Intervention on Treatment and Rehabilitation of Convicts" has been appreciated not only national experts but more than 300 experts from 27 countries has given their valuable suggestion and out of these 50 experts form different countries like USA,U.K., Australia, Germany, Tasmania, Israel etc. has given their positive comments before submission of thesis. Prof. K. Minor of University of Maryland, USA has given a title "New Feather" to his Ph.D research.


He has presented and published number of articles in various seminars, workshops and conferences. Till now he has participated in more than 35 seminars, conferences and workshops and in more than 25 souvenir, journals of national repute his papers has been published. He is also the author of two books. His one book "World Directory of Social Science Institutes" published in March 2005 and his another book which is an outcome of his Ph.D. research titled "Interventions for Prison Reforms" has been published in October, 2006. He also wrote two chapters in a book "Facets of Empowerment: Policies, Programmes and Perspective" and he co-authored a book titled "An Introduction to Social Research Methods". He also prepared a Workbook on Objective Questions for the UGC-NET examination in Criminology". Recently two books (i) Criminological Theories in a Nutshell and(ii) A Unique Combilation of Glossary, Maxims and Quotations of Crime and criminology published in 2010.


He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Research Journal of Philosophy and Social Sciences Journal and Executive Editor of the Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University Journal also.

He is a member of International Crime Science Network, Indian Society of Criminology, Western Society of Criminology, Indian Networks of NGOs on HIV/AIDS, Amnesty International and The Indian Social Science Association.


He has more than 14 years combined experience of Teaching, Research, Consultancy, Project Implementation and Training with Central and State Govt. Organizations, Private Organizations of national repute. He has completed 11 projects related to Resettlement and Rehabilitation, Tenure and Housing Rights, Prison Reforms, Organizational Climate, Customer satisfaction, Cost Effectiveness, Manpower Needs Assessment etc.


During his working in the social development sector for such a long period he developed his interest in teaching, research, project formulation and implementation, training, reporting in various fields like livelihood, HIV/AIDS, Prison Reforms, Resettlement and Rehabilitation, Gender Issues, Education and Health, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Manpower Planning etc. Recently he completed three prestigious research studies, one was GVT-DFID supported project on "Inter state Migrant Labour", Second was UNDP supported project on "Examining the Informal Justice Systems in Madhya Pradesh" and "Access to Justice for Poor and Disadvantaged Groups" sponsored by High Court of Madhya Pradesh.


His teaching and research interests include Criminology, Penology, Juvenile Justice, Socio Economic Offences, Clinical Legal Education, Women and Children related issues, Conjugal Rights of Prisoners etc.