Seminar Workshop and Special Lectures Committee


  1. A workshop on RTI was organized under the aegis of the Seminar, Workshop and Special Lectures Committee on 3rd August 2016 conducted by Magsaysay Awardee Sri Sandeep Pandey and renowned RTI activist Sri Venkatesh Nayak.
  2. Mr. Justice A. R. Masoodi, Mr. Justice (Retd.) V. K. Sahai, High Court, Allahabad, Mr. Arvind Singh Bisht (Information Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh) and Mr. Hafiz Usman (Information Commissioner, Uttar Pradesh) delivered a speech in National Conference on R.T.I.’s Journey in 10 Years: Achievements & Concerns on 12th October 2015.
  3. Dr. Nandita Pathak, felicitated by the President of India as one of the 100 women achievers as part of the '#100Women Initiative' (jointly launched by Union Ministry of Women and Child Development in collaboration with Facebook last year in July), conducted a Seminar cum Workshop on ‘Transforming Villages, Transforming India: Concept of Litigation-Free Villages’ on 8th October, 2015.
  1. A talk on “The Genocide of Bangladesh and Trial of the Perpetrators” delivered by the renowned Bangladeshi Journalist, Filmmaker, Human Rights Activist and Author Mr. Shahriar Kabir on September 12, 2015.
  1. A discussion on “A Social Sciences’ Perspective of the Right to Information Act” by Mr. Jawed Usmani, Hon’ble State Chief Information Commissioner, Government of Uttar Pradesh was conducted on 18th September, 2015 in collaboration with L.A.W.S Foundation.
  1. An Interactive Financial Planning Workshop for Young Investors conducted on 3rd October, 2015 by Shri Devendra Kumar, Financial Education trainer of Securities and Exchange Board of India.
  1. A seminar cum Workshop on “Transforming Villages, Transforming India: Concept of Litigation-free Villages" conducted on 8th October, 2015 by Dr Nandita Pathak working on the Chitrakoot Project, a self-reliance project for eradicating poverty, illiteracy, ill-health in villages and making them clean and green.
  1. The Committee facilitated the institution of an Informal Discussion Group named ‘Vivechana’ for disseminating knowledge on both law and Humanities Subjects by eliciting the views of Experts on various issues.
  2. Regular Faculty Seminars are conducted by the Seminar Workshop and Special Lectures Committee on second Saturday of every month.