Faculty of the University

Prof. M. Zakaria Siddiqi
Former Dean Faculty of Law,
Aligarh Muslim University,
Aligarh, U.P., India

Relevant to the research activities

Present Status :
Retired Professor of Law. Senior Consultant to Centre for Criminal Justice Administration, Dr Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University,Lucknow for a project sponsored by Department of Higher Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh under Centre of Excellence Scheme entitled as “An Analytical Study of Functioning of Prosecution System in State Of Uttar Pradesh” (2010-2011)

Past Experience:
Teaching & Research spanning over a period of five Decades in Universities in India and Abroad (Aligarh Muslim University, India 1961-1997 ; University of Kashmir, India 1979; University of Nairobi, Kenya;1980-82 Bayero University, Nigeria1982 -84; International Islamic University, Malaysia 1991-93 and 1997-2000. Chief Coordinator and Teacher of UGC Coaching and Guidance Center, AMU, 2001-2010

Surveys and Research Guidance :

Guided and Supervised 33 LL.M Dissertations and 17 Doctorial Theses

Sentencing of Offenders in India

Exercise of Police Discretion in Investigation and Prosecution of Offences against Person. (Empirical Study)

Compensation to Victims of Crime- A Study of Restitutive Justice in India

A Study of Corruption among Public Servants resulting from Socoi-Economic changes with special reference to Jammu and Kashmir State.( Empirical Study)

Bride Burning in KAVAL Towns of Uttar Pradesh :A Socio-Legal Study (an Empirical Survey)

A Comparative Study of Copy Right Laws of U.K. ,USA and India

A Study of Short Term Sentences in India

Banking Confidentiality : Common law and Islamic Law Approaches

Education :

B.A and LL.B from Lucknow University ,LL.M and Ph.D in Law Aligarh Muslim University. India ,

Study Tours of American Universities: Law School, Stanford University , Stanford Palo Alto Ca, Berkeley Law School ,University of California

Berkeley, Harvard University. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Yale University ,New Haven Connecticut .

Visits for Research work: National Archive New Delhi British Museum Library .University of London ,Lincoln Inn ,London. University of Lagos, Nigeria ,University of Singapore ,Singapore , University of Malaya , Malaysia; University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.USA , International Committee of the Red Cross ,Geneva Switzerland.

Participation in International Conferences and Symposium:

4th Biennel African Bar Association Conference Nairobi , Kenya

“Application of Islamic Law in the Area Courts”, Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria.

9th Malaysian Conference, Malaysian Bar Council, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia

Symposium on International Humanitarian Law ,International Committee of the Red Cross. held in Calcutta

1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Cyberlaw. !999 .Multi Media University Malaysia

“Internet Law Program 2003” Berkman Center for Internet & Society ;Stanford Center for Internet and Society ,Stanford Law School, California ,USA

The 2010 STLR Symposium on Patent Office Reform ,Stanford Law School, California USA

International Seminar on “Relevance of Indian Penal Code in Controlling and Combating Crime in Modern Age.” Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya National Law University ,Lucknow. Dec. 2010

Field of Specialization:

Criminal Law, Tort law, Criminology & Penal System, Criminal Procedure & Judicial System, Cyber Law & Cyber Crime.

Publication : Book articles and Papers in various law journals

Date of Birth: 26th October 1937